Well, it was fun while it lasted.

On Nov. 6 & 7, I ran my KDP Select free promotion. It was wildly successful, with many, many more downloads than I ever would have thought possible. It was also quite addictive; at one point I was refreshing the totals every few seconds and watching them jump by ten or twenty at a time.

It was so successful, in fact, that for long while I was sitting at #2 on Amazon’s Top 100 Free list in the Literary Fiction category, and I peaked at #67 on the overall Kindle store. Every hour I checked back as I surged up the ratings past such literary luminaries as Victor Hugo, Charlotte Brontë and Herman Melville, my eyes glued to the top spot and the cover of A Tale of Two Cities by the esteemed Mr. Charles Dickens as I refreshed, hoping that Typhoon Season would eventually knock the Victorian bastard off and make it to #1.

Alas, it never happened, and by later in the evening on the 7th, I was already slipping back down the charts. But of course it doesn’t really matter – I’m just writing this post as a bit of fun and to thank everyone who took the opportunity to download the book. Obviously I hope you enjoy it … all I ask in return is for an honest review on Amazon. If you like it, excellent. If you don’t, please give good reasons why. As the saying goes, ‘hate is fine, it’s apathy that’s the insult.’

At least I think that’s a saying. I heard it somewhere. Meh.


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