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Now that Typhoon Season’s odyssey from brain to page to happy readers is well underway, it’s time to move on to the next big project, currently titled ‘Currently Untitled Second Project.’

It couldn’t come at a better time. After my year working in Dubai, and while I was sitting around for a few weeks waiting for my flight home, I got a good start on this next book – wrote the opening bit, did a lot of plotting and made notes etc. – but then had to stop since the main chunk of the action takes place in Moldova, and I, obviously, wasn’t there yet. But now’s the time, and after what I’m sure will be an excruciating 16 hours of travel, I’ll have a whole month to just immerse myself completely in the book and get what I hope will be an amazing start on it.

I’m both excited and nervous in that happy way one gets excited and nervous when travelling somewhere one’s never been; but mostly I just can’t way for that thrilling moment when I’ll be sitting in front of my computer, and the words are just coming like ambrosia, and I know that I have nothing else whatsoever I have to worry about except for the free flow of those words, and I can revel in the story and live it and not have to think about anything else at all for a whole month.

It’s gonna be shiny shiny shiny.

I will also be blogging about my time there, though, so if you’re interested, what this space. Although wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to bring my camera. I’m a moron.


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