It’s dark.

As in, it got dark at around 17:00, so I haven’t really seen anything yet. There was an airport, and some hills, and many petrol stations. And then it got dark.

Let me just say, though, that it’s interesting (though funnily enough not at all surprising) that I can get into a cab in about as far east in Europe as you can go and it smells exactly the same as my grandparents’ car back in Toronto. Maybe it’s the same blankets draped over the seats to ‘protect them from wear,’ or maybe it’s that eastern Europeans like to use the same kinds of soap (my grandfather was born in Romania and my grandmother in what is now Serbia), or it’s the similar foods they eat … but yeah, my Moldovan cab smelled like my grandparents’ car. Quirky.

I’m going to have some problems with the language. The first problem is that I don’t even know which language everyone is speaking, Russian or Moldovan. The second problem is that even if I did know, I don’t speak either of those languages anyway. The third problem is that I look so polymorphously European (French people think I’m French, Germans think I’m German etc.) that everyone’s just going to speak to me in Russian or Moldovan and expect me to understand them (I didn’t not have to worry about this in Taiwan). The fourth problem isn’t so much a problem as it is just kind of funny: the room I’ve booked for the month is in this sort of Soviet-style, modernistic concrete apartment block, and the owners are a kindly, older Moldovan family, and while the woman speaks a little English, the man speaks basically none, but he’s at home all day working, and I’ll probably be here many days writing … it’s almost like a sit-com.

Oh, and I don’t know where my clothes are. My suitcase is either still in Munich, or it’s in Vienna, or Australia, or something. But they assure me it will arrive tomorrow, so I wait with bated breath. And I really, really hope it does arrive tomorrow with my fresh clothes, or else this kindly family isn’t going to be taking any sorts of breathes around me as I’ll most likely be pretty stanky.


One thought on “Chisinau: First Impressions

  1. My luggage still hasn’t arrived, and I have no idea when it’s going to. They told me today, but my friends have said it could take 4 days.

    I’m currently on the outskirts of Chisinau … where exactly would I go to buy clothes? Very, very, crappy.

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