Genre: Contemporary Fiction

He was bound to a stiff metal chair by thick knots of electrical tape wrapped around his legs, chest and arms, his head the only part of him with full mobility. His hair was soaked and matted, plastered against his forehead, a thick sheen of sweat enveloping his face and neck. Lights were flaring wildly around him, and the screeching, inhuman sounds bombarding the room from every angle were terrifying, causing him to constantly throw back his head in paroxysms of fear. It had been half-an-hour, but everything he had said so far had been useless, and so on it went. 

But there was no rush – they had all night.

Daniel Mason, British trade representative, moves to Taiwan with his young son Tyler, trying to put the tragedies of his time in Shanghai behind him. But when Tyler falls strangely ill, eating away at the fragile routine Daniel had constructed to simply get by, he finds himself sinking into a darkness that, the further he goes, he may never be able to atone for.

This is the debut novel of James C. Campbell, who spent over three years in Taiwan researching the complexities of Chinese/Taiwanese history and culture, and how the current political stalemate affects not only each country but the day-to-day dealings of locals and expats alike. Typhoon Season is at once the story of one man’s struggle with a grief so deep-seated it threatens to destroy him, and also how large-scale sweeps of history play out across the lives of individuals.

This is a complex novel that offers no easy answers. Ultimately the question is not whether you like Daniel Mason, but rather, can you understand him.

Disclaimer: Contains graphic sexual content.

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